What's so unique about the works shown in your gallery than any other online marketplaces? Are these sellers genuine?

  1. We are a social enterprise that do not charge any selling commission to our artists (sellers) which means every dollar spent in our gallery goes directly to its maker! This is the big difference between the marketplaces and us!!
  2. All the works displayed in our gallery are curated by us to ensure these creative ventures are genuine and unique handmade products direct from the makers.
  3. Unlike other marketplaces we do not allow resellers or manufacturers to sell on our gallery, hence assuring you direct contact with the makers of hand crafted goods worldwide.

Why am I paying two different shipping fees in my order?

If you have purchased two products from two different creatives or brands then you will have to pay for their individual shipping fees. If you have purchased from one brand or artist and still getting charged for 2 different shipping fess, then there’s a glitch in our system! Please report such problem and we will fix it for you.

What is the delivery time for all these beautiful products in your gallery? Do I need to consider any transit time?

Most of the products are available to be shipped within 2 business days. Some products are custom made, once off, so please check our Shipping information for each product, or simply drop us a line by completing Ask Question tab for each product. We endeavor to reply all inquiries within 24hours.

Can I order custom-made products from your creatives directly?

  1. Yes certainly, you can place custom order with our creatives, please enter your requirements under Ask Question tab so our creatives can confirm if they can deliver your requirements in timely manner. Once the order is discussed and both members are happy, we will send you an invoice through Paypal and your order will be made only after 100% upfront payments are received by the gallery.
  2. Please note: For custom orders, The Art and Craft Gallery will generate the invoice and will hold the payments with us until the order is completed and delivered to you as per agreed terms. This process is in place to help us deliver you a better customer service.

I placed an order with the gallery, but have not received it; what is happening?

  1. Oh! That is no good. Please email us all the details of your order and we will investigate the matter for you and provide details within 48hours.
  2. We advice you to upgrade to registered shipping services , to get guaranteed delivery for your goods.

The goods arrived but are damaged; can I receive a new one?

  1. Receiving handcrafted beautiful products in damaged state can be frustrating for our customers. We recommend you to send us photos of the package as is, showing the details of the damage so we could discuss it with the creative business owner and provide you with alternative solution.
  2. As most of these artistic creations are usually once off or may take time to recreate, refilling a damaged piece can take longer time.

I have received the goods, but don’t like it anymore, can I exchange it or claim a refund?

  1. Sorry, we don’t have change of heart refund policy as all our creations are created by infusing some part of our artist heart and soul. Please ask us as many questions as you like about these creations or if you want to travel to artists studio, shop or market stall for checking out products before buying online, please do so!
  2. Just Ask a Question on product page or artist profile page.