Who can join the art and craft gallery?

Every Creative Soul who use any type of creative skills like paint, sculpt, sew, knit, crochet, embroidery, scrapbook, decoupage, felt, glass art, to create artworks, sculptures, lifestyle products, home& garden décors can join our gallery to showcase your skills.
You can showcase your work as finished product
We do not accept any merchandise products created by printing your artworks by manufacturers.

How many products will be sold in my contract duration?

We cannot guarantee number of sales for your creations, but we can guarantee increase in your online exposure for your creations. More links for your brand name,more traffic visiting your products in our gallery without you having to sit near the screen learning and monitoring your social media and web traffic.

How to get started with your gallery?

  1. Become our Lifetime Member by completing this registration form Here
  2. We will then send you a payment link for a small investment of $100 USD – one time registration fee
  3. Once the payment is received; please email us 5 photos of your 5 creations, along
    with its description and pricing.
  4. We will upload your creations for you within 7 Business Days!! Taadaa!! Your creations are now online!!
  5. You will receive an automated welcome email in your designated email address along with auto generated password. Please login again and reset your preferred password. (Only you can see your password)

What information do I need to upload / provide when I sign-up to your service?

We need your Personal details, Valid Address, Phone number and email address to be able to contact you.
We will also need to update your profile with business logo or your personal photo, a short bio so buyers can contact you directly.
In regards to products, we need you to give us as much information as possible like materials used, size of your creations, shipping weight / dimensions so the buyers can make an informed decisions while buying your creations. All this information is sent to us through email.

Do you curate the creations showcased in this gallery?

Yes, we curate the creations showcased in our gallery, so there will not be direct competition to any of the businesses. We do not have a particular theme in our gallery and believe in representing every type of art/ craft.
We do not display any artworks / creations showcasing nudity, racism, religious or social sensitive topics.

Can I showcase my creations even if there is another artist showcasing similar types of products in your gallery?

If you feel that your creative expressions are similar to one of our existing displays and you wonder if you can still join the gallery; then send us an email with examples of your creations. This will help us make an amicable decision.
Everything is Figureoutable! (Yes, that’s a word)

Who decides on Selling Price and Shipping Fees?

You have complete autonomy over setting selling price for your works and setting shipping fees. You can have restricted shipping for certain countries, regions of the world. Alternatively, you can offer Free Shipping Worldwide or have only local pick-ups; as long as we know what you are comfortable with offering as services.The Gallery only ask the creatives to ensure shipping their products to the buyers with utmost care, so there are no damages. If there are damages to the products, we expect the creative individual to take the ownership and replace the product. If the product is non-replaceable, we will return the fees to the buyers.

When will I receive the money after selling my works in the gallery?

We will send you the money at every month end within 5 business days once, we know your products have been safely delivered to buyers address and there are no disputes pending against the order.

When is my selling commission deducted from my account after the transaction is completed?

There are no selling commissions charged, so we send all the monies to your bank or paypal account. You will only be charged for the Paypal fees that is 2.9% and bank fees if we need to transmit funds to your bank account outside Australia.

How do I login to my profile on the gallery?

Simply click on login menu on top right hand corner of the website homepage. Enter your email address and password (auto generated by system when you first created your profile)

Can I change my information on the gallery at later stage?

Yes, you can change information, brand name, and contact details by logging in to your artist profile. You are also able to see your sales history, products displayed in our gallery. You are unable to edit your User ID and products, which are already displayed in our gallery. To make any changes to your products, please email us directly with suggested changes.

How to add Event Listings to the Free Directory on the gallery?

If you wish to list your workshop / event in our directory; simply complete the form by clicking this link here


How can I add more than 5 products to your gallery?

Off course, contact us and we can discuss the opportunities.