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    Comments (6)

    Tony Brown

    Dear Akshaya

    I am trying to reasearch a painting by Murli Lahoti but i cant read Hindi so i cannot understand what it says on the front of the painting however i can read the back of the painting and it has his name and address on it written in english…Can you tell me more about the painting and what it represents as you know him and have interviewed him about his work.
    i cannot send the painting images to you i as i do not have your email address to send them to you. Can you send me your email addrewss so that i can send the images to you so that you can tell me more about the painting its 95cm x 95cm relife and mxed media on board also i am not sure if he was born in 1943 or 1945 ?

    Best regards

    Tony Brown

      Hi Mr Brown,

      We would love to connect you with Mr Murali Lahoti. Please email me the image of the painting on admin(at)theartandcraftgallery(dot)com and we shall revert back to you soon.
      Kind Regards
      The gallery team

    Jacqueline Oliveira

    Hello Mam,
    I am Jacqueline Oliveira
    I am a member of WIMA grp in Pune, met you once at one of our meetings.
    I am interested selling my Crochet products on Craft gallery.
    Would like to know what the subscription /membership fee.
    Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you
    Thank you
    Jacqueline Oliveira

    Amlan Dutta

    How to be a seller of my paintings?


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