Difference between Marketing, Sales and Promotion

Marketing is telling the world what you do, how you do and why you do it. So once your market is educated they are ready to buy from you.

Sales are where you tell your price to the audience you have built and they buy from you.

Promotion is doing the advertisement or offering value/discounts to the buyers. So they are interested in buying from you.

Now if you replaced marketing promotions your sales will suffer as no one wants to be sold something without any background.

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Is technology killing your art?

Many industries are getting disrupted due to technology advancement. Many jobs are being lost because there’s no entire human talent is required, whereas creativity, aesthetics, and beauty are some areas which cannot be replicated by a robot on AI or IOT industry. In fact, all the aspects of manufacturing industry require creative inputs, so if artists adapt technology and make their creativity fit in various verticals of the business world, there will be a big turn around in art world.

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3 Reasons why people pay to watch movies & yet fail to attend free art exhibition or craft markets?

We always hear movies collecting big $$$ at box office openings. But we rarely see art exhibition or craft shows getting a visitors queue outside. In early days of cinema when the common public was not so astute about the cinematic; it was a struggle to get the box office success. However, the industry matured and become more professional in their approach.

So every Movie has Marketing, PR, Promo budget which is planned six months before the launch date. They run various stories interviews about the Movie, Cast and Crew members to generate curiosity amongst the audience. Creating Merchandise and Promotion with various partnering business keeps the buzz going. There are also post-launch PR, Movie reviews, Entering awards worldwide keeps the momentum and audience.

So their things to consider while planning your art exhibition is marketing budget, creating buzz and post-event reviews and PR. This ensures common people are aware of your event and get curious to learn more about your work.

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Copyrights in Arts & Crafts Industry


        Intellectual property rights are universal rights that help individuals, organizations & institutes to protect their Ideas / Innovation and concepts and trade secrets, so others can’t copy it and resell it as their own. Intellectual property rights include patentscopyrightindustrial design rightstrademarksplant variety rightstrade dressgeographical indications and in some jurisdictions trade secrets.

Oldest reference to Intellectual Property Rights was in 500 BCE, the government of the Greek state of Sybaris offered one year’s patent “to all who should discover any new refinement in luxury”. During the feudalism era all the creations of any genre and form were directly owned by the King or Queen of that kingdom. Similarly in Industrial era, all the creations, innovations and works of arts were directly owned by the owners of the factories for whom the laborers/ employees worked.

However, in 1960s all the developed nations felt the need of creativity and innovation for sustainable economic growth. To enable this thought process various Intellectual Property Rights were created and agreed through United Nations to create global IP laws with some country specific laws.. Different types of laws under IPR recognizes the innovative efforts of creative people in the forms of products, software, designs, artworks, craft-work, literature, songs, music as well as protecting the cultural rights of various regions worldwide.

Current stage of Copyrights Usages & Infringements:

             According to International Trademark Association (INTA) and the International Chamber of Commerce, global Infringement market in 2015 was $1.7 Trillion Dollars and is predicted to be $3.22 Trillion by 2022. Visual arts market currently is approximately $1 Billion which account for only Auction and Private Sales of Paintings & Sculptures & Photographic works in world’s leading auction houses & galleries alone. There is a big market in fashion, accessories, handicrafts globally which is not accounted for due it its unorganized way of working.

 Currently in India or developing countries importance of copyrights in Arts & literature sector is quiet negligible, people still keep copies of proof of works or send a self address registered mail and store that unopened self-address envelope as idea protection. These methods worked before the digital era, now infringements happen at far more sophisticated level making it difficult to prove the original maker his mark. Copyrights awareness is not done enough so many people have misconceptions about the copyrights. Artist believes that after copyrights are registered for their works, its infringement should be control or enforced automatically by some authority. However, the main reason we have copyright is to claim for financial damages & levy to the infringing company or person if it ever happens. So it’s like taking an insurance of your creations, which one has done painstakingly over sustained period of time.

Currently not many visual artists opt for copyrights soon after creating their works & miss out on the protection of their future earnings lost due to infringement & commercialization by third parties. Similarly artists, who have taken copyrights for their creations, don’t mention their registrations details while publishing their works. Copyrights law requires the owner to ensure they have done their fair part in stopping the infringements.

Benefits of Copyrights for the artists or artisans:

                     Copyrights protect the economic interest of artists and artisans who invest a lot of time and effort in creating their unique art of works. Since their livelihood is dependent on selling of their finished creations, copyright registration ensures the infringement party pays the damages to original owner of the artworks.

Copyrights law is applicable globally and is valid for 70 years after the death of its original owner. This means one artwork created once and copyrighted can be sold through other third party channels or the owner himself to generate multiple incomes. The same revenues can be enjoyed by their next generation. Whereas, for craftsmen can apply for copyrights law, design patent & geographical indications to protect their intellectual rights.
Music industry became robust due to the copyright laws. Every time a music is played in events, advertisement or remixed version is created the original maker of the song, lyricist get royalties for his original effort and concept.

Similarly below chart shows the various application of single artwork that can reap royalties for artists if they invest in copyrights of their works every time.

Challenges of implementing copyrights for the artists:

               Copyright process is very tedious and involves precision in paperwork. Also there are few exceptions or differentiation in where copyright is applicable and where it’s not, make it challenging for individual artists to apply on their own. Hiring a registered IP patent lawyer can be expensive and finding the right ones in India is challenging.

Even if copyright is registered, it’s challenging for the author / owner to find out about the infringement due to the vast Internet and Digital world with rampant piracy issues. Artists are not sure how to react or the legal course of action one needs to take when an infringement takes place.

Future of Copyrights in Arts & Crafts Industry:

                        Awareness of copyrights needs to be increased rapidly, so more people apply for it. This will help the authorities to take strict action on counterfeit products & manufacturers globally. Use of software to track the circulation of artwork images will also enable artists to enforce the copyrights & stop infringements. The latest technology like Block-chain can be used to help artists in visual arts benefit royalties from every resell of their artworks around the world. Block-chain technology allows records like provenance, authorship and ownership to be unmodified, thus potentially solves the issue of forgeries and thefts in the art world.


              It’s high time that creative industry people working artists or artisans start taking pride in their creations and asking their due respect from the society. This industry can become mainstream industry by 2020 if they adopt the latest Artificial Intelligence & block-chain technology along with business professionalism.

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Introducing "L’étoile.in" platform for Visual artists

Today we are proud to introduce L’étoile.in founders who are building a platform like ‘Itunes’ for visual artists and photographers worldwide to help them sell paintings online with ease.

L’étoile.in creates personalised Artistic smart switches for homes and offices. The way they plan on distributing this beautiful product across India and the world is what got us talking with them!!

L’étoile.in would love to extend their platform firstly to members of our gallery first.

Let’s find out what L’étoile.in is all about and WHY they want to build similar ‘Itunes’ platform for visual artists worldwide.

 Enabling creative individuals to flourish in their creative pursuits is what we are all about!!

Hello guys, tell us about your initiative L’étoile and the brains behind it!

It’s been an interesting story behind starting L’étoile.in; which started because one of our founders Gaurang couldn’t find a switch that would match with his interior design. Gaurang is a person with eye for detail and takes great interest in interior designing. So while renovating his home a few years back, he couldn’t find many choices in switches, so he asked his friends Ajit and Ashish. soon they realise that there’s a gap in the market for such products.

Soon our IT experience came in handy when we realise that Ajit has created a touch panel switch which was black and white, while Ashish had a home automation app designed and Gaurang was the art lover. Thus the trio came together to create a product which they personally wanted!!

With this thought, the Vision and Mission statements were coined and the team is walking the path for last 3 years.

All products which will be launched under L’étoile brand will have fusion of Art, Technology and Hardware.

Here’s small bio about L’étoile’s three founders

Gaurang Gandhi – Co-Founder, CEO

BE (Mech), MBA (Systems) by qualification but a thorough “Engineer”, where the domain does not matter but Engineering does. Since his college days, he has been very passionate about advanced technology. Then (the year 1997) he with few of his friends had designed and developed a working drone and had integrated video Telemetry and Broadcasting.

After completing his MBA,  he started his entrepreneurship journey by designing the first vehicle tracking system. He has been fascinated with a fusion of technology and to explore more of IT, he moved to the US for almost a decade, where he executed several multi – million dollar projects for Fortune 100 companies.

After returning to India, he continued his IT consultancy and then hit upon the idea to venture into home automation.

Ajit Degvekar – Co-Founder, COO

When it comes to Custom design industrial automation, then Ajit is in one of the top people in this domain. As BE (Instrumentation), he has designed more than 150 custom solutions for the industry. Every solution had its own challenges which were successfully handled and delivered. His solution has received several accolades from his customers.

In L’étoile, he plays a major role in designing the hardware, and continuously doing R&D to add new features defined in the roadmap.

Ashish Shah – Co-Founder, CFO
Worked in various industries where the previous domain never prevailed. BE (Mech) but started his career into GIS (Geographic Information Systems), by selling solutions to police, government departments in India. Got the opportunity to work with the biggest utilities company and organisation in USA. Ashish played a key role in defining the enterprise solutions. He was also part of the vehicle tracking solution built with Gaurang.

On returning to India, he ventured into game development, built and grew team from 8 to strong team of 50+. He started building mobile games and enterprise apps since 2008 when iPhone was just launched.  Fortune 100 companies have been his clients.

He brings his versatile mobile development, team building and Finance expertise to the team

What made you think that L’étoile should be like iTunes for art? What is your vision for it?

We believe that there are many unfound masterpieces everywhere, which needs to be discovered. So with customized personal switchboards, we wanted to not only show these masterpieces to people on our platform but also give them these masterpieces to be cherished as part of their household.

Hence, we decided to create a fusion of Art, Software and Hardware to create personalized gifts for people globally. So the vision is that artist’s paintings will now be enjoyed, cherished by many people every day through this customized smart switch without losing the credibility and value of the artists and making it an affordable art at the same time.

So how does your platform actually work?

Our platform provides a space for artists ( Painters and photographers only) to showcase and sell their artwork in the print format.  When a client chooses their painting for switch panels, it is printed on the glass switch by us and delivered to the customer directly. Artist gets a royalty every time their artwork is printed on a switch.

So like ‘Itunes’ where millions of people can upload their songs and album to sell directly to the listeners without the risk of copyright breach or pirated version. Similarly, artists can now sell their creations multiple times through our Smart Switches.

What is scope for an opportunity for these artists on your platform?

Artwork Printed Smart Switch

Painters and photographers will be able to sell paintings online with ease. There are many platforms out there which provide marketplaces for the artists to sell their paintings and creations. However, in all platforms, artists have to make an effort to sell their work and pay some commission. Whereas in L’étoile.in its other way round. On our platform artists join for free and upload their work to our system. The photos cannot be downloaded by website viewers. We do all the marketing for getting the switch panel orders and every time a painting or photograph is printed on these panels, we give a royalty to those particular artists. So, we create a passive income source for the artists by selling his single work multiple times.

As we grow the channel partners and distribution partners, more and more local artists can also visit our customers home to paint the matching walls which complement the switches. This will be an additional income opportunity for the artist.

Wall Painting complimenting the Artwork on Smart Switch.

How will you sum up the journey of building L’étoile.in so far?

It’s been an eye-opening journey for all of us. Especially when we see the potential of art around us, which is not being explored and valued fueling us to make this platform work even further.

India is a diverse country where people not only have preferences for their clothes, food but also their religious customs and beliefs; so having a personalised utility product which enables local arts to flourish makes it a complete win – win for us!

Thus, we have been working not only on the online distribution of our product but also through offline distributors and channel partners across India. So far we have strong 13+ distributors and 60+ channel partner network. Our goal is to have 70+ distributors and 2000+ channel partners by end of next year.

This has been a very inspiring story so far, so what’s in store in future for L’étoile team?

Apart from growing our partners, we are also focusing on printing frames which will be a better version of selling only art prints which easily gets pirated or

It’s been lovely having you on our platform L’étoile.in team and I am sure your service will certainly help many artists from our creative community. We look forward to working with you guys, enabling more creatives to make the most of L’étoile platform

If you are a visual artist or photographer and looking to reach out to maximum people with your creations; then register with L’étoile platform today!!











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How to get headhunted using LinkedIn

Today, 75% passive recruitment happens in the industry worldwide, so its more important for employees to use social media correctly to get headhunted.

If you are not sure how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get headhunted, then our article published on Women at Work Magazine is right for you!

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