Join Ambassador Program

Hey there you. Do you love this website? Pretty cool huh. Do you like the online gallery? How cool is it that it gives creatives the world over a place to show us their wares? Awesome huh?

But do you have this crazy notion that you think you’re not good enough, not creative enough to put your own art online for our showcase?

Firstly, don’t be silly. The mere act of creating art is good for the soul. You’re better at art than you think. Really.

Secondly, if you still don’t think you can be showcased here, there’s another way you can get on board and help out creatives, just like you, all over the country.

Become a brand ambassador!

A what?

Spread the word about this community to artists, to markets, communes, places you know where creative people hang out. Tell them about us so they know who we are, what we do, and what we can do for them!


So you can be a part of a growing artistic community. So you can get to know artists from many walks of life. So you can be inspired by other creatives like yourself.

Do I get anything?

Besides a warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone out, which science says is actually good for you, you will get a 20% commission from anyone who buys one of our paid service plans, some flyers to help you start a conversation about our gallery and our services, PLUS a free gift of a set of 6 fabric coasters created by one of our artists.

How do I become one of these cool people?

I’m glad you asked. You talk to me. Simple, yes? I want to personally know each Brand Ambassador I have, and so, we can chat via the phone, Skype, coffee per chance? And we can go from there.

If this sounds as cool as you think it does, drop me an email, include a Haiku if you want to, or perhaps attach a doodle, and let’s get together and build the best art community in Australia, nay THE WORLD!

Please download our Ambassador’s Information Pack for all the details!



Get a gift in mail from us:

+ a gorgeous artisan made, Fabric Tea Coasters, Set of Six
+ postcards and flyers

Plus Get Awesome Benefits for you …

+Receive  commission when any new artist joins The Art and Craft Gallery paid services



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