About the Art and Craft Gallery’s Journey and Founder, so far…

Akshaya Borkar – Shaya – is an award-winning, first-generation immigrant to Australia’s sunny shores. Her art has won awards and showcased in London Gallery in 1998 1999  and her business, the Art and Craft Gallery,a social enterprise launched to the world in 2015 to support creative worldwide, has been a finalist in 6 business awards in 2015 out of which she bagged 4 of them. The awards were named as follows

Best Web Space Award in the 2015 Brilliant Biz Mum Award She was also nominated for the best Creative Marketing on a Budget and was a runner-up. Learn More Here

Honours Mention in 30under30awards recognising 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in Australia by Anthill.

Bronze Stevie Award for ” Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015″ and Bronze Stevie Award for ” Startup of the Year 2015″ by Stevie Awards for Women in Business, New York, USA. Learn More about the award here

Her grandmother and father were creatives too. Being creative is a part of who she is, a part of her life which helps her to express herself.

But creativity and craftsmanship should also enrich other souls who learn to appreciate your talent and which not only helps you to have a sustainable business but also preserves the creative traditions for the next generation.

When you create a piece of art, when you draw something, paint something, take an awesome photo, sculpt something which blows people’s mind, what do you do with it? How do you make more meaningful impact? How do you, as an artist, have a sustainable flourishing business? From a gallery which can charge ridiculous amounts of commission? Or at a market every second weekend to people looking to buy commodities while failing to appreciate the skills, sweat and passion for making those creations?

This frustration ignited in Shaya a need to build a place where she could be creative, and where others could be just as crazy and outlandish as they wanted to be. There was a gap in this traditional marketplace which she discovered and filled. Shaya is bringing a social enterprise that is non-traditional, something disruptive, to the art world – An Unconventional Gallery. The apple cart is being tipped over.

And she is doing this herself, as all good creators do. The Art and Craft Gallery gets Shaya out of bed each morning, inspired to create, inspired to help other artists be creative and showcase their work to the world. Shaya is building an artistic community in Melbourne, and beyond, taking over the world. She wants artists to be successful. She is destroying that idea of gatekeepers which stand between you and the people who want to know you, admire your work and, ultimately, buy your work.

All of this creative fire is backed up by a BA of Business Administration from Le Cordon Blue and the the University of South Australia, bringing some method to her madness. Being an artist who has displayed in galleries, and now having a gallery herself to help display the work of others has certainly given Shaya the perfect experience and perspective of what life is like on both sides of that great divide. She knows that being on the ‘boring’ side of the fence, helping you, means you have more time to be creative, to build, paint, draw, to be the creative soul you were destined to be.


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Akshaya Borkar


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ajeet kumar prasad

Dear Sir/ Mam,
Greetings from Gudly Creations!
We are a small unit empowering creativity out of lifeless rocks which people say can never be used for ornamental or decorative purposes. Turning simple rocks/ natural stones into a marvelous masterpiece is what we do…
Based out of Dehradun, we have done several exhibitions like at the Forest Research Institute, the Governor’s House and at the ONGC. After an overwhelming response at the said venues we have started to market the art. We are already supplying these masterpieces to several hotels in Uttrakhand for lobby and room decorations and these also make a good gift at suitable occasions or we must say at any occasion.
The lifeless stones of various sizes and shapes put together depict what we want them to. This art when complied is furnished into pure wooden frames to give them an exceedingly elite look and modern feel. The art pieces are available in every size possible.
Since, being introduced here for the first time, we are eagerly waiting for any sort of business enquiries for small as well as bulk orders. Corporate looking for seasonal gifts and greetings are more than welcome and would also be given preferences.
Please feel free to Contact:
(For Gudley Creations)


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